How do I get started?

To become part of the Elite Team, complete a quick contact form online or call the office directly to speak to our staff. This will help us know what testing is needed for your discipline/specialty. Once this has been established, a link to the application and required forms will be sent.

What health documents do I need?

Different facilities have different requirements. Most facilities require MMR vaccinations/titers, annual PPD or a Chest X-Ray every 2 years, annual physical. HOWEVER, several facilities have specific requirements such as 2 step PPD, Hep C Titer, TDAP, Flu Vaccine, etc. Speak to your staffing manager for specific requirements for the facilities you are interested in staffing. Remember, being cleared at several facilities will give you the opportunity and flexibility to pick up shifts at these hospitals.

How often do I get paid?

Our Elite team is able to benefit from several options such as daily pay, next day direct deposit or weekly direct deposit.

Can I come by the branches to complete an application and testing?

Absolutely! We’d LOVE to meet you in person! Come by, have a cup of coffee and let us know how your day is going.

We have computers set up in each of our branches especially for this reason and for you to use.

Do you have a referral bonus?

Yes. It is a compliment to us when our Elite Team refer clinicians to our team.We offer a $500 referral bonus. Your referral must work 96 hours for you to receive the bonus. The majority of our Elite Team have joined because they were referred or have heard of us through “Word of Mouth”.

I have only worked at one hospital for several years. I’m scared about going to a new hospital. Is there someone I can talk to about my concerns?

Absolutely! Our staff is available to talk to you about any concerns you may have. Some facilities have orientations to help you with the transition. Talk to our staff about facilities that will be a better fit for you.

Do you have someone I talk to about clinical issues or concerns such as floating?

Yes. Our VP of Clinical Services is available to talk to you about any concerns you may have about your shift/assignment.

Do you offer BLS/ACLS classes?

Yes! At this time, we will have BLS/ACLS instructors at our Orange County and Inland Empire site. Call us directly to be booked for the next available class! We look forward to seeing you soon

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